Cycling Inn Packages

In 2022 we were allowed to take over the Wielerherberg in Bonsbeuern, for years cyclists and mountain bikers have been received here in an all-inclusive concept, including guided bicycle tours on the road and through the wooded area. Dik van Dalen is a well-known name in cycling and has been guiding guests for years. Gasthaus Im EIfel continues this service where Dik and a team of supervisors take you on bike rides.

We offer this ‘Cycling Inn package’ in a fully all-inclusive concept, enjoying our beautiful region completely unburdened. What’s included?

  • Overnight stays in our Gasthaus, based on several people in a room
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) including pasta on return
  • Routes and tour guide, tour guide from 8 people (combination with other groups possible)
  • Sports nutrition
  • laundry service
  • Cycling facilities such as spraying area, bicycle shed, workshop, breakdown service, drying room and rinse shower.
Wielrennen aan de Moezel

Cycling weekend 'Cycling Inn'

From € 250.00 per person

Would you like to cycle with your partner or as a group in a particularly beautiful environment? Then our Wielerherberg package is ideal. From the moment you arrive until you leave, we are there to relieve you, and the best thing is that you get routes for cycling that you can use in your navigation and with groups of 8 people or more, Dik van Dalen and his team are ready to help you. to take you in the Eifel/Moselle region.

Note : The guidance is based on availability, if there is no availability we will provide you with routes. All other matters remain applicable, such as lunch on location and support during the bike ride (breakdown assistance, etc).

We offer


April to October

For reservations and bookings, send your request via the form below, reservations will be final after we have confirmed them.

2 days

Based on 2 days, arrival on Friday or Saturday.

Per person € 125.00 incl. VAT per day
Total € 250.00 per person

3 days

Based on 3 days, arrival on Friday or Saturday.

Per person € 113.00 incl. VAT per day
Total € 339.00 per person

4 days

Based on 4 days, arrival on Thursday or Friday.

Per person € 106,00 incl. VAT per day
Total € 424.00 per person

Request a no-obligation quote

If you want to come with your cycling group, ask for a quotation, without obligation, then we will put it all clearly on paper so that you can view and discuss it calmly.