Focus in a wonderful environment

Meetings, Work, Training

In Im Eife Gasthausl all conditions are present for heath days, meetings, working quietly and attending a training or workshop. In addition to a fabulous view, our lounge has all the facilities needed for a business stay such as good chairs, tables, presentation screen, audio and whiteboard/flipchart.

We can accommodate groups of up to 18 people and provide all necessary care during a half-day, day or several days. For overnight stays, we have plenty of rooms, based on single or multiple occupancy.

Gasthaus Im Eifel lounge
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Meetings and team building

For business guests, we offer extensive options for holding meetings or team-building sessions, or, for example, a program review. For whatever purpose you want to have off-site meetings or team building, it is possible at Im Eifel Gasthaus. 

Besides the usual facilities such as presentation opportunities, drinks and meals, we can also organize activities. Read more about it below!

Working away from all the hustle and bustle

It often happens that you actually need to do your work in isolation for a while to get the best results, we have this opportunity! You can work from our lounge without being disturbed, and then if you need to speak to someone you can do so via Teams or phone. We have excellent Wifi coverage in our Gasthaus as well as fast Internet via Fiberglass. You can work with us and use all facilities during your stay, for this we offer a package that includes all drinks, meals, overnight stay and facilities.

Gasthaus Im Eifel lounge

Training and workshops

Our lounge is perfect for hosting training sessions and workshops! Away from all sorts of disruptive factors, you can focus your attention on the subject matter in a calming environment. We can arrange a training for you or you can organize your own using our facilities.

We like to make an all-inclusive proposal so you know where you stand and what to expect. We are currently working on a calendar of trainings and workshops to be held at our Gasthaus.

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A complete program, we make it possible

Wine tasting

Visit a Wine Tasting during your stay! The Moselle region is known for its Riesling and Spätburgunder wines, so a visit to a Weingut is definitely a great opportunity to get to know these wines better. In a 2.5-hour wine tasting with Winzerplatte (bread, sausage, cheese), winemaker Joachim Schumacher takes you into the world of his wines!

Weingut Joachim Schumacher Sankt Aldegund

BBQ or Gourmet

To give your stay an extra dimension we have the possibility to offer you a BBQ or Gourmet at an additional cost! In addition to a variety of meats, we also offer salads and sauces herewith, a nice addition to the stay at Im Eifel Gasthaus for a pleasant evening of dining. Possibly also with various quality wines.

BBQ bij Im Eifel Gasthaus

Nature Thermal Baths

Less than 3km from Im Eifel Gasthaus is the Nature Spa of Bad Bertrich, relax in the naturally warm water with a temperature of 32degrees and the saunas. A visit to Nature Baths is a treat for your body! In addition to the natural pools and saunas, you can also book a massage here. You can book the Nature Spa from just 2 hours

Thermen Bad Bertrich