Eifel, Moselle and Hunsrück, pure enjoyment

The Volcanic Eifel

Im Eifel Gasthaus is located in the Volcanic Eifel, a beautiful area that has its origins in volcanic eruptions some 11,000 years ago. We regularly go swimming in such a volcanic crater (the Pulvermaar), also called Maar in German. Many of our guests also take a look or a dip in the particularly clear water here.

In the Eifel and Volcano Eifel you will find lots of nature and a special animal kingdom, will you spot deer, deer, boar and many bird species during your stay?

Did you know! Im Eifel Gasthaus is located in the Kondelwald, a vast forest with beautiful trails for hiking.

Vulkaan Eifel - Pulvermaar
De Moezel

The Moselle

Known for its Riesling and vineyards, the Moselle is a must-see when you are our guest. The villages and wonderful views are more than worth the drive by car, bike or hike. Places like Cochem, Traben-Trarbach and Bernkastel guarantee enjoyment moments! But also the lesser known places such as Reil, Zell or Ediger-Eller are more than worthwhile.

Tip! Book a wine tasting at Weingut Joachim Schumacher in Sankt-Aldegund, the passion with which Joachim talks about his wines and the tasting of the various white, red and rosé wines makes it a fun afternoon or evening outing. Many of our guests have already gone before you!

The Hunsrück

Just a stone’s throw away, on the other side of the Moselle is the Hunsrück! Like the Eifel, this is a beautiful area with vast plateaus, forests and small villages. Definitely an area to explore from Im Eifel Gasthaus during a car tour or on a bicycle.

Tip! For example, visit the Geierlay suspension bridge, at a height of 100m and with a length of 360m a special experience to see and walk across. The route to the Geierlay suspension bridge alone is beautiful!

Hunsrück - Geierlay Brug


Less than 3km from Im Eifel Gasthaus you will find the Natural Thermal Baths of Bad Bertrich!

If you want to relax, a visit to the natural thermal baths is a must, with 32°C and healing thermal water you will feel like you have been reborn. In addition to the thermal baths, the extensive sauna offerings are more than worth a visit. To make it all complete, you can also book massages here, you have to book this in advance (or just let us know and we will arrange this for you!).


A selection of the sights can be found below:

  • Nature thermal baths of Bad Bertrich
  • Cochem
  • Traben-Trarbach
  • Geierlay Suspension Bridge
  • Lava flow at Strohn
  • The view at Urzig
  • The many castles along the Moselle
  • Waterfall at Kennfus
  • Burg Eltz near Treis-Karden
  • Breathtaking views of the Moselle near Bremm (Calmont)
  • Trier – about 70km from Bonsbeuern
  • Koblenz – about 85km from Bonsbeuern