Info from Im Eifel Gasthaus!

To inform our guests and other interested parties, we regularly write a blog that is shown on this page, below! The blogs we write are about topics related to cycling, cycling in our region and about our cycling hotel!

If you want to know more about our blogs, feel free to send us a response via email to


We are Im Eifel Gasthaus: THE cycling hotel in the German Eifel! Since 2022 we have been open in Bonsbeuern in Germany’s Vulkaneifel region, a stone’s throw from the Moselle and Hunsrück. Our Gasthaus is completely focused on all forms of Cycling, we welcome Cyclists, Gravel bikers and Mountain bikers throughout the year. The Im Eifel Gasthaus Cycling package is perfect for ozne guests and offers everything you need to come cycling completely carefree. So our motto is: you bring your bike and clothes, we take care of the rest!

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