Cycling routes

We provide all our Cycling guests with route suggestions that they can cycle during their stay, routes that go along the most beautiful places of the (volcanic) Eifel, Moselle and Hunsrück. Here we always look at the wishes of the guests so that the routes match in terms of amount of kilometers and altimeters. If there are specific needs, we customize routes or adapt an existing route.

Design of routes

The routes our guests cycle are designed in (link), a tool that allows you to easily create a route in the browser for the various types of Cycling Sports. Of course we start the routes mainly from Im Eifel Gasthaus, but of course this can be from anywhere you want. Because we know the area well, we can make a good initial assessment if a route does not go on busy roads or if there is a gravel section in a cycling route.

The guiding principles when designing a route are:

  • What environment do we want to go to
  • What are the options for breaks and lunches
  • How many kilometers do we want to cycle
  • How many altimeters do we want to make
  • We want as many beautiful roads as possible that are not crowded

Looking at the starting points, we try to take in beautiful spots but also take quiet back roads so there can be nice cycling without a lot of other traffic.

Validating routes

Once we have created a route, the checking begins: doesn’t it happen to have a bit of gravel in it, are we not going on busy through roads, are the slopes not too steep, is there a lunch option. We do this by using various tools such as Google Maps but also by exploring the route whenever possible. As a result, we know very well where our guests cycle by!


A great example are the routeswe have created for our new and returning guests thatgo to the Pulvermaar, for example, but also to the Geierlay suspension bridge.


Distance: 56km
Altimeters: 1099hm
Points of interest: Pulvermaar, Lavabombe, Lavastream
Download this route: LINK

Geierlay suspension bridge

 Distance: 102km
Elevation: 1895hm
Points of interest: Hunsrück, Geierlay suspension bridge
Download this route: LINK

In conclusion

If you are staying at Im Eifel Gasthaus, then you are guaranteed beautiful challenging routes through enchanting surroundings! We take you to the most beautiful places in the Eifel, Moselle and Hunsrück region!