The cycling hotel in the German Eifel region

Just a 6-hour drive from the UK you will find our beautiful cycling hotel in the middle of the Eifel. Our Gasthaus is one of the only Hotels in this challenging area that is fully equipped for cyclists.

Our unique location and Cycling facilities offer you or your group the opportunity to get away for a few days and do what you came for: Cycling! We take care of the rest!

Whether Cycling, Mountain biking or Gravel biking, from Im Eifel Gasthaus you will depart from the heart of the challenging area for a beautiful bike ride!

Cycling hotel with packages for sports enthusiasts

Our Cycling package is designed especially for you as a Cycling enthusiast! We offer everything you need to perform before, during and after cycling in an all-inclusive concept.

Can I also come for a weekend of cycling?
Germany, and thus the German Eifel is a short distance from the UK, and offers you the opportunity to come and spend a 3-day or weekend cycling from our cycling hotel! You’ll take a nice bike ride right after lunch on the first day, as well as on the day of departure!

Impressie van het wielerhotel

Cycling in the Eifel, Moselle and Hunsrück region including routes


Includes all meals
and drinks*


rooms with all mod cons, based on double occupancy


roadside assistance or
repair of bicycles, for example

Cycling clothes washing service

Freshly laundered sportswear daily

Vanaf de wielerherberg direct in het wielrengebied

Cycling for effort, the cycling hotel for rest

You’ll stay at Im Eifel Gasthaus to make miles and/or altimeters. We have a wide range of routes available. The routes vary in mileage and elevation, we always tailor them to your goals! Whether you come as a (semi)professional, cycling group or avid cyclist, we’ll make sure you have your fill in an environment that is breathtaking.

Can I train here for Tour for Life or Alpe D’huzes, for example?
Yes! The area around our cycling hotel offers the right conditions to make miles and altimeters in preparation for events such as Tour for Life or Alpe D’huzes. Many cyclists have gone before you by having a training weekend at Im Eifel Gasthaus!

Nutrition for Cycling Athletes

If you make effort while cycling, then it is important to eat good, healthy but also tasty food. All meals are freshly prepared, and are very varied. At Im Eifel, no fried fatty foods, but freshly prepared and nutritious meals. During the stay we serve both meat and vegetarian dishes.

For your cycling tour, grab a banana and sports bars at breakfast in the morning, and fill your water bottle with ISO Active! Of course included!

Should you wish to celebrate the achievements with drinks, these are included in the Cycling package. This of course within reason, if you want to drink a little more, that is no problem and we will charge a little extra at the end of your stay.

Do you also offer Vegan meals?
Definitely! Upon request, we offer vegan meals that are not only delicious but also highly nutritious. A surcharge applies for vegan.

Wielrennen mountainbiken vanuit HET wielerhotel - Im Eifel Gasthaus
Im Eifel Gasthaus - Appartement 2

Cycling hotel with comfortable rooms

Renovated in 2023, our rooms offer all the luxury and comfort you expect as a guest. For example, each room has a private bathroom with shower, sink and toilet, comfortable single beds and the ability to easily charge your phone and cycling computer!

Do I sleep with more than one person in a room?
If you come with a group, you will be sleeping in the same rooms. Are you booking alone? Then you don’t sleep with another guest in the same room.

Below you can see the features of our rooms!

  • B&B rooms with single beds
  • Vacation apartments with single and double bed
  • All rooms equipped with private bathroom with shower, sink and toilet
  • Shower gel and shampoo provided in the room!
  • Each bed has the ability to charge your phone directly, only a USB cable required (not provided)
  • Needless to mention but towels and hotel quality linens are of course provided!
Photos of the rooms to the right will follow soon!
Room 1

for 3 persons

Room 2

for 2 persons

Room 3

for 2 persons

Room 4

for 5 persons divided into 2 rooms

Apartment 1

for 3 persons, with single and double bed

Apartment 2

for 3 persons, with single and double bed

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How does the cycling hotel take care of the bikes?

Your bike is safely stored in our locked bike storage, where you can also clean and maintain your bike.

Can I have my bike repaired if necessary?
If disaster strikes and your bike is broken, we’ll see if we can fix your bike with the bike repair tools available. If that fails, we have several addresses where you can go to get your bike repaired to continue your weekend.

Wielerherberg met alle faciliteiten, zoals schoonmaakstation
MTB Eifel

Fresh on the road!

You make sure you go out with good clothes, and probably already have several sets. But how nice it is to have your clothes freshly washed in the morning ready for immediate use!

In the evening at dinner you hand in your cycling clothes, for this you get a laundry bag from us, and in the morning at breakfast it will be freshly washed for you! Always inclusive!

Common areas

After cycling, relax with a drink in our lounge or at our terras. Our cycling hotel has a breathtaking view of the Volcano Eifel. The lounge is equipped with all amenities such as comfortable chairs, sound system, television and more! Meals are also served in the lounge!

If the weather is nice, in spring, summer and fall, you can use our terrace after cycling! In warm weather, we also serve meals here (depending on the situation).

For the worse weather conditions, there is a shower room right by the bike rack where you can rinse off! Here you’ll also find bathrobes so you can go to your room dressed once you’ve showered.

Impressie van de lounge van de wielerherberg

The Cycling Package in Brief:

  • Accommodations – Based on multiple persons per room
  • Meals – Meals tailored to athletes. varied and healthy!
  • Beverages – Soft drinks, coffee & tea, alcoholic beverages (based on reasonable consumption*)
  • Sports nutrition – ISO Active, bars and bananas on the go. Recovery nutrition, upon return
  • Support – If you need help along the way we are here for you!
  • Repair – Everything is available to do any maintenance on your bicycle
  • Secure parking – The bicycle parking is not only locked but also secured!
  • Laundry service – Clean washed your cycling clothes every day!
  • Check-in and check-out times – Your stay is per day, so your arrival and departure is possible at any time

The Cycling package is based on a price per day!

2 days cycling 2024
3 days cycling 2024
4 days cycling 2024

The Cycling package is based on a price per day, so you do not pay for an overnight stay but for a day of cycling. It begins on the day of arrival with coffee and kuchen. When you leave on the day of departure is up to you.

* the use of alcoholic beverages is on a reasonable basis, this is to keep the price of the package affordable for every wallet. Of course, should you wish to consume a little more, that is no problem at all. We then charge an additional amount at the end of your stay.

Did you get excited? Send us an inquiry directly or ask your questions!

Upon receipt of your application we will contact you as soon as possible to confirm, an application is not final until confirmation and receipt of the deposit. For more information, you can also reach us by email or phone.

* the all-inclusive concept is based on ‘sports’ consumption, excluding spirits and hot snacks, for dietary requirements a surcharge may apply
** bike guiding from 8 people upwards based on tour guide availability
*** including Powerbar ISO active, bars and pasta/cheese on return

Inspiration - Follow us on SocialMedia

Whenever possible we take photos and videos during the stay, both with camera and drone! To inspire our guests we post videos on SocialMedia, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube.

We post our promos on Youtube!

Can I gain altitude in the Eifel?

Preeminently, the Eifel is a destination for gaining altimeters. The Eifel offers sizeable elevation changes in both short and long climbs. Our cycling hotel is thus an ideal environment to train for cycling in the Alps, for example

Is the Eifel far from the Netherlands?

The Eifel is just a 3.5-hour drive from the Netherlands and offers everything you could want as a Cyclist! Nature, culture, relaxation and wonderful vistas, all this you will find in the Eifel and that in a short distance. You imagine yourself in another world within a few hours’ ride, a short stay at our cycling guesthouse feels like a vacation.