For years we dreamed of living in the Eifel region

A dream come true!

We are André & Kirsten

We are André Mulder and Kirsten van Velden. For many years we have dreamed of living and working in a natural environment in which the German Eifel has been our preference from the beginning. Many times we looked around for houses, dreamed and talked about how beautiful it would be to open a (sports) Gasthaus in this fairytale setting.

During our vacation in 2021, we dreamed about this even further and decided to continue our search for a suitable location again. Stop talking or realize dreams, we chose the latter!

After weeks of driving back and forth to the German Eifel, we visited the house in Bonsbeuern on December 19, 2021. Immediately we fell in love with the surroundings, the view and the house. A large villa with an incredibly beautiful panoramic view. From then on, everything went in a nutshell. And on February 7, we were at the notary and our dream had come true. We are incredibly looking forward to it! By now we have already welcomed many (sporting) guests to Im Eifel Gasthaus!

Im Eifel Gasthaus - Andre en Kirsten

Cycling Hotel for cyclists, mountainbikers and gravelbikers

The former Wielerherberg

The house we bought has been in use as a cycling hostel since 2015. Dik van Dalen and Rianne Heineke not only offered us the opportunity to make our dream come true by being able to buy the house, but also to continue their concept. And so we continue the Wielerherberg as an arrangement of our Gasthaus.

Mission of Im Eifel Gasthaus

Our mission is to unburden our guests so they can focus on, a sporting, relaxation. From arrival to departure, everything is arranged to perfection and our guests lack nothing.