Gravelbiking trip in the Eifel!

Stay on the basis of All-inclusive

Im Eifel Gasthaus is a real cycling hotel or cycling inn, focussed on gravelbikers! We offer you an unforgettable Gravelbiking trip based on our Cycling package, which is based on our all-inclusive cycling concept. 

Come gravelbiking in the Eifel, along the Moselle and through the Hunsrück. The Cycling package offers everything you need to go cycling with focus in the wonderful surroundings, such as all meals, rooms equipped with private sanitary facilities (bathroom with shower and toilet, laundry service, sports nutrition and routes in GPX format for your cycling computer. If something unexpected happens along the way, we are ready to help you! 

Our Cycling package is for cycling groups of up to 18 to 19 people and for individual gravel bikers.

Did you know that! all meals are freshly prepared and tailored to athletes.

Can you Gravelbike in the Eifel? Yes, we can answer that wholeheartedly positively! The Eifel and Moselle region offers everything you could wish for gravel biking. Challenging routes for both beginner, advanced or professional. We have a variety of routes in GPX format leading through the Eifel and along the Moselle.

Are there Gravelbike routes in the German Eifel? In addition to the Nord Eifel, there are also excellent gravel and gravel bike routes in the Vulkan Eifel. The varied area of the volcano Eifel and Moselle offers you everything you need to enjoy beautiful unpaved paths for a weekend or week.

Gravel biking

Gravel biking in the Eifel and Moselle region
including itineraries


Includes all meals
and drinks*


rooms with all mod cons, based on double occupancy


roadside assistance or
repair of bicycles, for example

Cycling clothes washing service

Freshly laundered sportswear daily

What's included in the Cycling package?

  • Accommodations – Based on multiple persons per room
  • Meals – Meals tailored to athletes. varied and healthy!
  • Beverages – Soft drinks, coffee & tea, alcoholic beverages (based on reasonable consumption*)
  • Sports nutrition – ISO Active, bars and bananas on the go. Recovery nutrition, upon return
  • Support – If you need help along the way we are here for you!
  • Repair – Everything is available to do any maintenance on your bicycle
  • Secure parking – The bicycle parking is not only locked but also secured!
  • Laundry service – Clean washed your cycling clothes every day!
  • Check-in and check-out times – Your stay is per day, so your arrival and departure is possible at any time

The Cycling package is based on a price per day!

2 days cycling 2024
3 days cycling 2024
4 days cycling 2024

The Cycling package is based on a price per day, so you do not pay for an overnight stay but for a day of cycling. It starts on the day of arrival with coffee and coughs, and when you leave on the day of departure is up to you.

* the use of alcoholic beverages is on a reasonable basis, this is to keep the price of the package affordable for every wallet. Of course, should you wish to consume a little more, that is no problem at all. We then charge an additional amount at the end of your stay.

Booking? Send us an inquiry right away!

Upon receipt of your application we will contact you as soon as possible to confirm, an application is not final until confirmation and receipt of the deposit. For more information, you can also reach us by email or phone.
* the all-inclusive concept is based on ‘sports’ consumption, excluding spirits and hot snacks, for dietary requirements a surcharge may apply

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* the all-inclusive concept is based on ‘sports’ consumption, excluding spirits and hot snacks, for dietary requirements a surcharge may apply
** bike guiding from 8 people upwards based on tour guide availability
*** including Powerbar ISO active, bars and pasta/cheese on return