Rules WIelerherberg Package

In order to offer our guests a fantastic stay, we have written down the rules of the game, we ask that you read them carefully and contact us if you have any questions.

We ask you to take note of the general terms and conditions and rules of the game. The general terms and conditions and rules of play can be found on the website of Gasthaus Im Eifel as well as in references to the communication from Gasthaus Im Eifel to the guest, for example on invoices and other emails.

If you are the contact person of the group, we would like to ask you to inform the group and to respect and comply with the rules of the game.

The general terms and conditions are on our website.


In order to give you a good idea of what is happening around your stay at Gasthaus Im Eifel, when you have booked a Cycling Package, and to avoid disappointments or ambiguities and to be able to provide you as a guest with the best possible service, a few rules about your visit to Gasthaus Im Eifel.


The starting point of Gasthaus Im Eifel is to offer a cozy stay. This often also includes a nice bottle of beer or a glass of wine at the end of the day or with dinner. All included in the price. However, it cannot and should not be the case that the “free beer” is the reason for your stay at Gasthaus Im Eifel. A few beers are of course part of the fun, but the moment the beers start to supplant the starting point of the ‘Cycling Inn’ arrangement, we reserve the right to close the tap.


The use of or possession of drugs, soft and hard drugs is not permitted. We apply a zero-tolerance policy for this, if the use of drugs is detected, we will terminate the stay and the Gasthaus must be left immediately. Refunds of deposits or full payment will not take place. If necessary, we report relevant authorities in accordance with legal regulations.


A good night’s rest is important to us and we assume that our guests also want to enjoy a well-deserved night’s sleep after a nice day. Of course it happens to talk for a while or to slump. In principle, our common room closes at 22:00, in exceptional cases this can be later. If you use our common room, please note that there are also other guests. Together we ensure a pleasant stay.

For our ‘Cycling Inn’ package guests an additional addition from the team leader:

“The race is won in bed” said many legendary drivers. This applies to you as a guest and also to us. In order to be able to serve you fresh and fruity the next day, we would like to have at least eight hours of tidying, sleeping and preparation time between the moment the last of you goes to bed and breakfast. Usually, bedtime is around 10 p.m. and breakfast at 8 a.m.


We would like to see that you do not walk in the house with cycling shoes. We have a special rack for the shoes, where you can also hang your helmet. Similar to what is common in skiing, including heating and drying your boots and helmet. Bring a pair of slippers or flip flops.

cycling outfit

It should be clear that your bicycle and clothing must be in good condition. In the Eifel, more is demanded of the material than in the flat Netherlands. Brakes, wheels, tires and acceleration require extra attention. So is wearing a proper helmet. We recommend that you always ride with click pedals, especially for mountain biking. You are and will always remain responsible for the safe condition of your material and clothing.


In general, the traffic rules in Germany are like those in the Netherlands. The German motorists are usually extremely polite and careful. It would be nice if you adapt to that. As with a priority road with such a triangular sign, you let others on that priority road go ahead (even if you turn right). A red traffic light means you have to wait until it turns green. On a busy road you drive neatly behind each other instead of wide apart, and so on. Who knows, we may succeed in improving the image of the cyclist a bit more than is unfortunately the case in the Netherlands.


Routes are included in the ‘Cycling Inn’ package, for groups of more than 8 people we look at the availability of a tour guide. In all cases routes are made available that have been compiled with care.

Even if one of our tour guides goes with you, cycling remains under your own responsibility. At any time during a ride you can indicate that you do not want to cycle somewhere. We then look for an alternative or turn around. We assume that you have sufficient experience and self-knowledge to assess for yourself what you can do and, more importantly, what you cannot do.

Of course, make sure that you are insured or closed during your stay and cycling, an accident is a small corner and can therefore happen quickly. Insurance is therefore not a superfluous luxury.


Gasthaus Im Eifel can be reached by bicycle or on foot, by car or small bus (up to 3.5 tons). For other traffic (motorcycles, trucks, buses) only local traffic to Gasthaus Im Eifel is allowed.

Download the Rules for the Cycling Inn Package here
You can find our general terms and conditions on our website via the following link