Terms and Conditions


Im Eifel Gasthaus rents out rooms and apartments, and offers packages and services from other/thirds. These general terms and conditions describe the conditions under which the rental and delivery of packages and services takes place.

It is the responsibility of guests to take note of the terms and conditions, privacy statement and game rules. The general terms and conditions, privacy statement and rules of the game can be found on the website of Im Eifel Gasthaus as well as in references on the communication from Im Eifel Gasthaus to the guest for example on invoices and E-mails.

When booking for several people, the person who places the booking is the contact person. The contact person agrees to the general terms and conditions on behalf of the group he/she represents, and ensures that the general terms and conditions, privacy statement and rules of play are respected by the group and complied with.

These general terms and conditions apply to the rent of B&B rooms, family rooms and holiday apartments as well as to our packages and services.

These general terms and conditions apply to all packages offered by Im Eifel Gasthaus  unless explicitly stated otherwise or agreed upon in writing.

B&B Rooms – Family Room – Holiday Apartments

Im Eifel Gasthaus offers several B&B rooms, a family room and vacation apartments.


Im Eifel Gasthaus is not bookable for bachelor parties, and booze parties – nor for groups or people with the theme of eroticism/sex.


The prices for the rental of accommodations are published on our website and will be made known in writing on request.

We reserve the right to adjust prices in the interim, whereby it applies that these will not be changed in the meantime for bookings that have already been made, unless there is an urgent reason to do so. In the event that prices for a booking that has already been made must be adjusted, this will be made known in writing, cancellation is possible free of charge at that time.

  • Prices for the B&B rooms as well as the family room include an extensive breakfast, use of towels and bed linen and final cleaning
  • Prices for the holiday apartment do not include breakfast. Use of towels and bed linen and final cleaning are included

Tourist tax, Kurtaxe, is calculated at the time of booking based on the number of persons according to the legally applicable rate.


Booking a stay at Im Eifel Gasthaus is done through our website, email, by phone or through a booking site.


Payment can be made in several ways:

  • Through our website
  • Via a payment link by email
  • By direct bank transfer

When booking a deposit is required, this deposit is 25% of the total amount. Unless otherwise agreed.

Before arrival, 1 week prior, the remaining amount is due. For this we will send an invoice (with payment link) by email. Unless otherwise (in writing) agreed.

In the unlikely event that full payment has not been received after the agreed term, the reservation made will be canceled immediately. Refund of the deposit will not be made. A booking will only be processed after the down payment has been received. If the down payment is not made in time (within 48 hours), the reservation will expire.


A booking is final when you have received the definitive booking confirmation by E-mail, this email has the subject ‘Definitive booking confirmation’.


If unable to attend, please contact us to assess with Im Eifel Gasthaus the possibility of rescheduling your booking to another date

Cancellation of a booking can take place according to the following conditions:

A booking of a stay (B&B room, family room or holiday apartment) can be canceled in writing (by e-mail), whereby a cancellation is only valid if it has been confirmed.

Refund on cancellation

The following applies:

  • In case of cancellation more than 1 month prior to the stay, we will refund the deposit
  • If canceled up to 2 weeks before arrival date, we will charge 50% of the total booking
  • For cancellation from 2 weeks to 1 week before the arrival date, the cancellation fee is 75% of the total booking
  • For cancellation 1 week before arrival, the cancellation fee is 100%

Guests are expected to purchase travel and cancellation insurance.

The amount to be refunded will be transferred as soon as possible, at the latest within 1 week. You will receive the invoice for the remaining amount within a week and must be paid within 5 working days.

There will be no refunds in the event of early departure, cancellation costs will also be owed if you do not show up. (No Show).

Exception : If a stay cannot take place due to unforeseen circumstances, for example due to government regulations (Covid-19) or a situation in our Gasthaus, a new booking will be agreed. A refund can also be made in consultation.

We recommend that you take out travel insurance with cancellation insurance partly because of the above, these costs may be recovered should you unexpectedly have to cancel. (see the general terms and conditions of your travel insurance) .

Im Eifel Gasthaus is at all times entitled to refuse a booking without reason, any deposit will be refunded in this case.

Cancellation due to force majeure by Im Eifel Gasthaus

In exceptional situation like weighty circumstances, force majeure or not enough participants, Im Eifel Gasthaus can cancel a package or give an alternative interpretation for it. If an alternative arrangement is offered, there is no right to a refund, but the arrangement can be canceled if desired according to the cancellation conditions. Im Eifel Gasthaus will notify the participant(s) for this as soon as possible, giving reasons.

Accommodations and changes

Changes in (room/general area) layout and furniture reserved – the aforementioned matters on the website are subject to change.

Damage to accommodations

Should unexpected damage be caused to the accommodation and/or inventory we will be forced to charge for it. 


Im Eifel Gasthaus is in no way responsible for the following, and accepts no liability for this and not limited to this:

  • Material and immaterial damage
  • Theft of property
  • Damage to persons and property
  • Accidents in the Gasthaus or outside
  • Participating in arrangements (e.g. Cycling) is at your own risk

Guests are responsible for having valid insurance such as liability insurance, accident insurance, travel and/or cancellation insurance. Not limited to the foregoing.


Guests are responsible for checking that they have taken their personal belongings with them upon departure.

If personal belongings are left behind, they can be sent back at the guest’s expense.

Im Eifel Gasthaus is not responsible for personal property.

Game Rules Cycling Package

Game rules apply to our Cycling package, these rules can be found here. Guests booking a Cycling package are expected to take note of and respect this.

Alcohol and drug use

The consumption of alcohol is allowed in Gasthaus Im Eifel, with the exception of excessive use. Im Eifel Gasthaus reserves the right to restrict or prohibit the consumption of alcohol.

There is a zero tolerance policy on drugs in any form at Im Eifel Gasthaus. Upon discovery, access will be denied for the relevant guest or guests. We reserve the right to report this to the relevant authorities if drug use is detected.


In the unlikely event that a dispute arises, this must be made known in writing, whereby German law applies as well as the general terms and conditions. A dispute can be made known in writing and should be addressed to:

Im Eifel Gasthaus
Dorfstrasse 3
56864 Bonsbeuern

Privacy and data

For processing bookings as well as informing (potential) guests, we use various digital ways. The way in which we use data is in line with the rules applicable in Germany. The so-called ‘privacy’ statement is published on our website.

Im Eifel Gasthaus does not assume any liability regarding the processing of personal data, unless required by law.


The contact details of Im Eifel Gasthaus are:

Im Eifel Gasthaus
Dorfstrasse 3
56864 Bonsbeuern

Germany: 02674 – 7863190
Netherlands: 085 – 130 1780

Email info@imeifel.de

Publication date

These general terms and conditions were prepared and published on Oct. 12, 2022, and are valid indefinitely. Changes to this document are not further specified. All previous terms and conditions are hereby superseded.

For questions about our terms and conditions, game rules or otherwise, please contact us at info@imeifel.nl