To and from Bonsbeuern

If you are staying at Im Eifel Cycling hotel then you will come over the K35 on the way there and back, unless you come mountain biking 😉 The K35 is therefore the road to and from Bonsbeuern, which you climb from the B49 or Bad Bertrich. A road much discussed by our guests where everyone has a different preference for the final climb “home.

The long or the short climb

Bonsbeuern can be reached either from Bad Bertrich or from the B49, either the long or short climb. The climb from Bad Bertrich is short and steep, about 3km and according to Climfinder to the top of the mountain 4.7km. From the B49, the climb is about 6.5km or, according to Climbifnder, 5.3 to the top of the mountain. What your preference is should be your own experience, our experience is that it differs for everyone!
Both climbs belong to the 3rd category according to the Mountain Categories introduced by the Tour de France in 1933.

Bad Bertrich naar Bonsbeuern klim overwinning

Short climb - Bad Bertrich to Bonsbeuern

Long climb - B49 to Bonsbeuern

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Ideal for interval training

Regularly professionals come to the Eifel for interval training, this because there are many opportunities for short intensive climbs. The K35, from Höllental to Bad Bertrich, the road to and from Im Eifel Gasthaus, has nice challenges to prepare for. This also because of the fact that the K35 is a category climb.

Always part of the route

All routes we offer as Im Eifel Gasthaus start and end in Bonsbeuern, depending on the number of days you stay with us you cycle up and down both sides several times. Sometimes it’s a bit of a struggle in the climb but you know there is always recovery food waiting for you when you get to the top. The great thing is also that you can improve your personal records!

K35 downhill

In conclusion

If you’re staying at Im Eifel Gasthaus, then you’re guaranteed beautiful challenging altimeters through enchanting surroundings! We take you to the most beautiful places in the Eifel, Moselle and Hunsrück region!

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