Valwigerberg segment

We are often asked if the route from Valwig to Valwigerberg is in our routes? Yes! We have several routes that include Valwiger Mountain or go specifically to Valwiger Mountain! In this blog more about Valwiger Mountain, a stunning segment that gives you a lot of challenge as a Cyclist!

Where is Valwiger Mountain located

Valwigerberg is located along the Mosel near Cochem between Cochem and Beilstein, and the segment in question is part of the Kreisstrasse from Valwig to Valwigerberg or the K34.

Valwig naar Valwigerberg K34

Why Valwiger Mountain

The reason why many Cyclists want to do the Valwigerberg is both the Strava segment and the challenge on a particularly beautiful climb. The route to Valwigerberg offers a particularly beautiful view of the Moselle valley towards Cochem and Beilstein! Then again, as a Cyclist, besides nice elevation gain, views and a strava segment, of course you want nice quiet cycling on a challenging road and that is exactly what the Valwigerberg offers you.

Our routes to Valwiger Mountain

As already mentioned, we have several routes to and from Valwiger Mountain. Routes going from Cochem toward Valwig, for example, or from Beilstein. Also, if you are on top of Valwiger Mountain, or Valwigerberg, you can go in all sorts of directions! Here you have the choice of going deeper into the Hunsrück or via a beautiful descent back to Cochem. The choice of route depends mainly on the number of miles and altimeters you want to cycle. In consultation we determine the best suitable route!

Valwigerberg een supermooi segment

The details about Valwiger Mountain

The road from Valwig to Valwigerberg is about 2.4 km long and has 217 elevation gain. And in total you will encounter some 13 curves, some sharp and some not so sharp (not counting the faint curves).

Hoogteprofiel Valwigerberg
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Do you specifically want to Valwigerberg in your itinerary when you stay with us? Then let us know, and we’ll make sure that in the itinerary package you include them in all cases!

In conclusion

If you’re staying at Im Eifel Gasthaus, then you’re guaranteed beautiful challenging altimeters through enchanting surroundings! We take you to the most beautiful places in the Eifel, Moselle and Hunsrück region!

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